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Standpipe Installation

Probedrill can install 20mm P.V.C, 25mm P.V.C, 32mm P.V.C or 50mm P.V.C (plain or slotted) Standpipes for water monitoring use.

Standpipe SizeOuter Diameter (OD)Inner Diameter (ID)
50mm 60.5mm50.5

The 32mm standpipe installation technique, developed by Probedrill, allows for quick installation of a standpipe (up to a maximum tip resistance of 35MPa at the operator’s discretion) – either at the same probe location or into untested ground. The 32mm standpipe is used where a smaller 20mm standpipe cannot be installed to the required depth, or where ground water samples are required (most water samplers will fit inside the 32mm standpipe).

The standpipe installed can be plain, slotted, or a combination of both – for example, first metre slotted, remainder unslotted. This service is available with all our CPT rigs.

With our Dual Tube Sampler available on selected rigs, we now have the capacity to install a 50mm Standpipe. Given the percussive action of the Dual Tube Sampler, the standpipe can be installed to greater depths. With the larger diameter standpipe, a greater volume water sample can be taken.

The installation method also allows for a geotextile fabric sock to be used on the standpipe to provide a cleaner water sample and reduce the incidence of silting.

Using our Dual Tube Sampler, Probedrill can also install pre-packed screens for Environmental Monitoring Wells.

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