Portable Equipment

Quick Overview

Height (While Travelling) 1.2m
Height (While Probing) 2.2m
Width 0.9m
For Use In Areas Such As Tight access / Indoors

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Portable Equipment

Our 200kN portable pushing frame is great for hard to access areas including underground carparks and indoor testing.

It has a half metre stroke and with a working height of just 2.2m, it is perfect for use in confined spaces.

The pushing frame can be broken down into smaller parts and reassembled again once on the testing locations. This can be useful when accessing smaller cellars & basements etc.

Reaction weight is provided by using water containers for ballast during probing. It can also be anchored to the concrete floor below, or propped to the concrete floor above or attached to other machinery.

Given the compact nature of this equipment, our portable set up has been air-freighted and used for international testing in both Ghana & Zambia, Africa.

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