300kN Pushing Frame

Quick Overview

Height (While Travelling) 2.5m
Height (While Probing) 3.85 (max. height)m
Length 1.2m
Width 0.5m
For Use In Areas Such As Near-shore / Jack-up barge

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300kN Pushing Frame

Our 300kN Portable CPT Pushing Frame is perfect for mounting on jack-up barges to conduct near-shore CPT testing. With the addition of equipment developed by Probedrill in-house, we have the ability to probe from zero mudline (undisturbed) in any conditions.


Overall Dimensions Width: 0.5m; Length: 1.2m; Height: 2.5m (max 3.85m)
Gross Weight Approx. 750kg
Pushing Force Max. 300kN
Hydraulic Cylinders 2 x vertical hydraulic cylinders (4” Bore, 1 ¾” Piston), stroke 1350mm with piston protection covers


Overall Dimensions Width: 0.73m; Length: 2.0m; Height: 0.87m
Gross Weight Approx. 750kg (with fuel/oil)
Engine Hatz Silentpack diesel engine; 9.1kW @ 3,000rpm
Hydraulic Pump Roxworth hydraulic pump – max. capacity of 80L/min
Hydraulic Tanks 180 L
Transport Possible with crane or forklift (light weight aluminium frame with forklift ports)
Additional 2 x optional Hydraulic Power Packs available to suit barge layout

300kN Pushing Frame

  • Hydraulic control unit, mounted on a console next to the pushing frame
  • Retractable wheel assembly for portability
  • Hydraulic-operated catching clamp incorporated into sounding beam

Other Equipment / Features

  • Portable CPT rod rack and CPT rods
  • Portable CPT computer and printer
  • Hydraulic Hoses: available in 10m or 50m lengths
  • 2 x 3m I-beams for spreading push/pull load
  • Aluminium toolbox for transport and workplace storage

Geotechnical Services provided

  • CPT, CPTu, SCPT, SCPTu (1, 5, 10, & 15 tonne cones)
  • Ball Penetrometer
  • Dissipation Testing
  • CPT casing for additional rod support
  • Vane Shear Testing (Electrictronically driven)
  • Vibrating Wire Installation
  • Water Sampling
  • Standpipe Installation (20mm and 32mm)

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