7 Tonne Track Rig

Quick Overview

Height (While Travelling) 2.62m
Height (While Probing) 3.13m/2.62m
Length 2.83m
Width 1.75m
Min. Ground Bearing Pressure 0.40 kg/cm2 (40kPa / 5.7psi)
Travelling Speed (Tracked Rigs) 4km/hr
For Use In Areas Such As Tight access / Indoors

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7 Tonne Track Rig

The 7 tonne track rig has been fully rebuilt and is now back in action! This rig is great for areas with tight access and has other great features such as:

  • 90kN of pushing capacity
  • it fits into the space of one car park bay;
  • it has lifting lugs mounted onto the side of the rig so that it can be craned into a location;
  • anti-roll props and mounted winch for access to steep terrain or rig recovery;
  • the height required while probing (with the hood up) is 3.13m. However if need be, we can reduce this amount by changing the pushing frame to push at a half metre stroke. By doing so,
  • this then reduces the height required to only 2.62m; and
  • the rig can be dyna-bolted to a concrete floor or propped off a roof to achieve a greater reaction weight (200kN) if required.

The 7 tonne track rig can also probe whilst on the back of the truck, which then makes it a 22 tonne truck mounted CPT Rig (with 150kN of pushing capacity). You can probe off the back of the truck if you need the extra weight to get to your target depth, then if the site also has an area that has limited access, we can offload the rig and track it to the required location. So you are getting two rigs on site for the price of one!

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