Seabed CPT

Quick Overview

Height max: 2.8m - min: 2.3m
Length 2.3m
Width 2.3m

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Seabed CPT

Probedrill’s Seabed Cone Penetration Testing (CPT) Pushing Frame can be used for geotechnical testing associated with:

  • Pipelines
  • Ports & harbours
  • Dredging and Construction projects
  • Cable route surveys
  • Off-shore wind farms
  • Environmental Survey
  • Wave Energy

Designed to be deployed from a stable positioned vessel or platform, our subsea system is used to determine near-shore seabed soil conditions and provides rapid, live, CPT readings.

The chain drive action of the Seabed CPT allows for a continuous push of 20mm / sec, recording data until target depth or refusal.

Pushing Frame Specifications:

Overall Dimensions Length: 2.3m; Width: 2.3m; Height: 2.8m (min. 2.3m)
Frame Weight 5,700kg
Pushing Force/Capacity Max. 150kN @ 15t reaction weight; Without suction anchor: 40kN
Hydraulic Motors 2 x hydrostatic hydraulic drive motors with 2 x 300kN Reduction hubs
Operations Chain Drive
Sounding Speed 20mm / second
Removal Speed 40mm / second
Operating Depth Currently Max. 1500m
Services Provided: CPT, CPTu (10 & 15 tonne cones), Soil Sampling, SDMT
Output: qc, fs, u, Rf, inclination

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