South Australia: 2016

Project Overview

In August 2016, Probedrill successfully completed testing for Golder Associates at a mine site in South Australia.  This work was competed by our 22 tonne truck mounted CPT Rig (Merc), which was mobilised from Perth.

The testing program included testing depths up to 28m using a combination of Probedrill Services, such as CPTu, Seismic CPTu, Ball Probe, Vane Shear, and Piston Sampling.

Using our Piston Sampler, we were able to retrieve soil samples at various targeted depths, with the deepest being 17m.

Our client provided the following information on the benefits of combining these services:

The CPTu provides near-continuous data in a rapid and accurate manner.  As such, it has become the standard site investigation tool for most applications.  However, inferring some engineering parameters from CPTu results in isolation requires the use of a variety of empirical estimates. 

To provide improved confidence in design, the following additional tools can be employed:

• Shear vane testing, to enable improved peak and residual undrained strength measurements discrete locations
• Ball penetrometer testing, to enable improved estimates of undrained strengths in soft soils across the full soil profile, and residual undrained strength measurements at discrete locations through cyclic tests
• Piston sampling, to enable recovery of material for laboratory characterisation